Swipe Out Hunger allows students to donate unused meal swipes to fight campus hunger

Aramark, UNLV’s food service vendor, allows students to donate unused meal plan swipes to aid fellow students who may encounter food insecurity.

Throughout the semester, and particularly at the end of the academic year when students recognize they have unused meal swipes, students may opt to donate all or a portion of their swipes to the Swipe Out Hunger campaign.

Students may make the donations at the Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons while at the front cash register and check-in area.

The donations are banked and made available to students who express food insecurity needs to a variety of Student Affairs staff members, through the Student Help Form, or through the UNLV Food Pantry.

The Swipe Out Hunger program is found on dozens of college campuses across the country. Founded in 2010 by a group of students at the University of California, Los Angeles, Aramark is a founding funder of the program, which seeks solutions to address campus hunger.

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