Rebel Awards gets new categories, now open for nominations

By Anthony Cave

As living with COVID-19 stretches into year three, even those tasked with managing and giving out awards have to adjust.

That’s the case for organizers of the annual Rebel Awards, which recognizes faculty, staff, students, student organizations, and others for their service to UNLV and its students. In 2022, the awards program is adding new categories and involving more stakeholders from across the Division of Student Affairs.

The 10 new awards – 47 overall – for the 2022 Rebel Awards include best virtual program and social media campaign. An expanded committee – two representatives from every area within Student Affairs – should translate into more nominations as well.

“We’ve always had great involvement, but we really felt like there was untapped potential that we needed to go after,” Savannah Baltera, director of Student Involvement and Activities, said of past award years with a much smaller committee.

It’s an in-person affair this year, too, despite several hundred people attending virtually last year.

Baltera said there’s an excitement around campus to participate in in-person activities, so she expects higher engagement.

In a typical, non-COVID year, Rebel Awards could see as many as 400 nominations.

The awards committee spreads the nominations out, before coming up with an average score and deciding on winners.

All nominations are due by 5 p.m. on March 29. An online form has been created for nominations. The awards ceremony is set for 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, in the Student Union Ballroom.

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