Jenn Gray returns to UNLV to head Student Union Event Services

Jenn Gray

After a two years away, Jenn Gray has returned to the Division of Student Affairs to lead UNLV Student Union Event Services.

Current title: Director of Student Union & Event Services

Current start date: January 3, 2022

Previous titles at UNLV: Assistant Director of Housing Administration (6/2006-12/2012), Contract Manager (1/2013-3/2016), Director of Student Affairs Communications and Business Partner Relations (4/2016-5/2019).

Describe your current role to someone unfamiliar with the office/position.

My position exists to manage the day-to-day operations of our Student Union, leverage our partnerships and collaborations to provide excellent service to our guests, and to make all our guests feel welcomed and to make events and visits memorable.

What made you interested in the job?

The opportunity to combine my passion for cultivating community, team, and organizational development, and developing efficient operations. UNLV has been my professional home, and I was excited to work again with my UNLV network.

What projects/tasks/plans do you hope to achieve in this role?

I am excited to reinvest in the building, increase inclusivity with our students, guests, and partners, and rebuild the Student Union and Event Services team.

What’s the best three-month stretch of time at Las Vegas, and why?

October, November and December because it’s when the desert is at its most breathtaking and dramatic.

We know our faculty and staff can have a profound effect on their students – but tell us about a lesson you learned from a student.

That showing up and following through on your word is one of the most important things you can do. It means so much more than “doing a good job;” it builds trust and faith in our systems for our students. 

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