Please meet: Deanna Willmon

Deanna Willmon

Deanna Willmon joins the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs after more than five years as an Administrative Assistant in the office of Student Wellness. In her new role, Willmon supports the division and its staff and students by coordinating daily office operations. View a full list of all new staff hired in the Division since July 2021.

Name:   Deanna Willmon
Current title:  Administrative Coordinator
Previous titles at UNLV: Administrative Assistant 3
Current start date:  January 1, 2022
Previous start date:  August 9, 2016

Describe your current role to someone unfamiliar with the office/position: The Administrative Coordinator position provides administrative support to the Chief of Staff and for the Office of the VPSA by coordinating daily office operations, organizing administrative processes, and helping to assist students and other constituents on matters pertaining to the VPSA and Division of Student Affairs.

Are you a UNLV alumnus? If so, provide graduation date and degree:  Yes! I am an UNLV alumnus and a Las Vegas native. I received Bachelor of  Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Science in 2007.

What made you interested in the job?  Working in the Office of VPSA is an opportunity to learn more about campus departments and resources and how they interact and support one another and the campus community.

What are you most excited to experience in your new role? I’m excited at the prospect of assisting students in a more direct way in achieving their academic goals and in support of their well-being.

What’s one great way to immerse yourself in UNLV, and why? Although there are many ways to immerse yourself in UNLV, supporting the arts and athletcis events is an easy and fun introduction. Volunteering for the Ask Me booths, or simply walking the grounds at the beginning of a semester, can also be an easy way to provide insight and allow yourself to be imbued by the energy of the campus.

If you weren’t working at UNLV, where do you think you’d be? I have spent most of my career in administration, management, or operations, which I love. However, at this point in my life, and if I were not working at UNLV, I would likely apply for an apprentice position with the Marvel super heroes training program as an administrator.

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