Student-artist Sasha Mosquera completes mural focused on diversity

Urban artistry beautifies campus, provides thoughtful commentary.

By Anthony Cave

Sasha Mosquera’s part of the human condition is art.

Whether it’s painting or portraiture, the Las Vegas native and UNLV junior jumped at the opportunity to design a thought-provoking mural for the west wall of the Technology Building. 

For Mosquera, the mural represents the diverse “traffic,” throngs of people and cultures that walk past that part of campus every day. 

“I just love humanity as a whole,” she said. 

Mosquera initially applied to design the mural – a paid commission funded by the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs – over the summer. She started last August and finished in mid-December. 

“Student Affairs is always looking for ways to support our students and improve the campus climate,” said Juanita P. Fain, vice president for student affairs. “Whether that’s through grants to support research or, in this case, funds to beautify campus through urban art, the mission is always to support students as they grow academically.”

All in all, the mural took her about 110 hours and a few 5-gallon buckets of paint. 

What was key was keeping the piece abstract, but also characterizing each individual. 

There are no logos or ways to determine someone’s class or social rank, Mosquera noted, which makes everyone featured more relatable. 

And as for feedback?

“A lot of people are happy that it’s not just a blank wall,” she said, laughing. 

Mosquera, a graphic design and fine art double major, would welcome future student artist collaborations if she got the chance to paint other parts of campus. 

She has private art commissions, too, even designing walls in people’s houses. 

“There are always empty walls inside buildings and outside buildings,” Mosquera said. 

Mosquera hopes to use her degree to become an art therapist. She said drawing can release tension, especially for children with autism. 

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