New Beginnings: Embrace Optimism and Celebrate Achievements in 2022

By Juanita P. Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs

Now that 2021 has come to a close, I look forward with hope and optimism to the new year. I hope that we all continue to come together to support and advance the mission of our great university. I hope we stay together to make progress. Most importantly, I am optimistic that we will work together to be successful.

In 2022, we will be guided by what we have learned over the last 21 months, and I am motivated by all that I know our students will achieve and all we will do to support them. 

While 2022 will certainly have its challenges, I know that through your hard work, the determination of our students, and the optimism I know exists in all of us, we can continue to positively impact students’ lives and help them achieve their goals.

To express my gratitude to the entire Division of Student Affairs team, I wrote an ode in their honor that I read at our Winter Celebration event in December. I am sharing it with all of you in this column as a tribute to our partnership, because I am so proud and privileged to work beside you in solidarity.

Ode to Student Affairs

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or not,
Peace, goodwill, and grace we have got;

Affairs of students that’s what we do,
Admit, enroll, and help them all through;

The life of the students, our heart and soul,
Co-curricular programs, and wellness our goal;

While 2020 was challenging enough,
2021 dealt us even more stuff;

The professionals we are, to the challenge we rose,
Innovation and compassion, the path that we chose;

Despite pain and loss we all did endure,
Having each other’s back, helps us endure;

2.0 Top Tier sparks confidence and hope,
Because Student Affairs it has in its scope;

Much to accomplish in 2022,
To our vision and mission must we always hold true;

With commitment and zeal, we approach in stride,
Words cannot describe my gratitude and pride.

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